Worker’s Compensation Investigation

While Worker’s Compensation is a great system, it is subject to wanton abuse. Otherwise law abiding individuals won’t give a second thought to deliberately overstating injuries in order to get a few extra days off or to maximize an insurance payoff because they believe “it’s no big deal.”

Well, San Francisco & Bay Area Investigations believes it is a big deal. Worker’s Compensation fraud costs the state of California and insurance companies billions of dollars every year and is a serious crime.  We specialize in dealing with the following types of fraud:

  •  Claimant Fraud, where an employee makes deliberate false statements about an injury in order to receive benefits.
  • Premium Fraud, where an employer makes deliberate false statements to their insurance carrier in order to minimize payments.
  • Provider Fraud, where medical providers make deliberate false statements, in order to inflate their medical bills.

We approach these situations in a variety of ways, ranging from surveillance and interviewing various witnesses, to working hand-in-hand with the adjuster in order to reach the truth.

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