Mystery Shopper

Trying to take your retail business to the next level but you’re not certain how your employees act when you’re not in the store?  Receiving poor reviews from dissatisfied customers, but you don’t know how it happened?

If you need to know how your employees treat customers when you’re not around, investigators at San Francisco & Bay Area Investigations can pose as mystery shoppers.  We can go in as individuals, as a group, or as couples, and can pose as easygoing customers or customers who are impossible to please that test your employees’ patience.

We work with you to set the parameters of the operation, then we carry it out, document it, and report back to you. Don’t spend another day wondering if your employees are as well behaved when you’re away. To schedule a free consultation, call San Francisco & Bay Area Investigations at (415) 307-1012 or email us at to speak to a licensed private investigator.