Background Checks

In our inter-connected world, we meet more people than ever before.  Whether vetting a new nanny, verifying that a significant other doesn’t have a secret life, or evaluating a potential business partner, wouldn’t it be nice to know that this person is the person they claim to be and not hiding a dark secret?

As licensed private investigators, San Francisco & Bay Area Investigations is able to access a variety of databases not available to the general public to conduct these types of background checks.  We can verify an individual’s criminal record, driving record, and numerous other personal attributes.

For employers who need additional information, we can conduct deeper background checks based on specific needs, including verification of prior employment, educational achievement, and even make in-person visits to neighbors’ homes.

Contact us in order to get the answers to your questions.  To schedule a free consultation, call San Francisco & Bay Area Investigations at (415) 307-1012 or email us at to speak to a licensed private investigator.