Undercover Investigations

Employees misbehaving when the boss isn’t around is nothing new.  However, employees stealing merchandise, engaging in sexual harassment, or even engaging in dangerous horseplay can cost owners dearly in expensive lawsuits, insurance claims, and lost productivity.

Investigators at San Francisco & Bay Area Investigations can go undercover for short or long-term cases and befriend those who are suspected of such misbehavior.  Our investigators will observe your employees, and provide you with any evidence showing such misbehavior.

By providing you with the information and the evidence, you can then be best prepared to deal with any observed misbehavior, as well as be protected from any potential retaliation. To schedule a free consultation, call San Francisco & Bay Area Investigations at (415) 307-1012 or email us at info@sfbayinvestigations.com to speak to a licensed private investigator.