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Our Private Investigation Services

We offer a full range of high quality, professional investigation services.


No matter what the circumstance, we strive to get the best possible evidence for our clients.  We collect a mix of images and video evidence using the best equipment for the situation, we keep our client updated on the latest developments, and we provide professional reports upon request.

Bug Sweeps / Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

With the proliferation of cheap cameras, GPS trackers, key loggers, and location tracking apps, the risk of being monitored by unscrupulous individuals is greater than ever.

Asset Investigations

Whether vetting a business partner who claims to have assets or dealing with a former spouse who claims to have no assets, we can assist you in finding out the truth. Investigators at San Francisco & Bay Area Investigations use a variety of databases, both public and private to determine what assets a person may or may not have.

Infidelity Investigations/Cheating Spouses

Infidelity and cheating significant others can be an unfortunate subject to deal with. One party often has a “gut feeling” and senses something is off with their significant other, and maybe cannot put their finger on it.”

Background Checks

In our inter-connected world, we meet more people than ever before.  Whether vetting a new nanny, verifying that a significant other doesn’t have a secret life, or evaluating a potential business partner, wouldn’t it be nice to know that this person is the person they claim to be and not hiding a dark secret?

Family Law Investigation

Family law and child custody cases are some of the most delicate and high-stakes cases for us and for our clients, as the results and consequences affect them and their loved ones directly.  San Francisco & Bay Area Investigations understands this deeply, and we work discreetly, yet efficiently when conducting these investigations for our clients.

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Satisfied Client

Very professional agency. I hired them to perform some services for me and they delivered as promised. Very quick turnaround time and great communication. Highly recommended.

Andrew K.

Exceptional Service! I had contacted Sf & Bay Area Investigations to handle some long-distance family matters in California. They were super helpful, giving me constant updates along the way. I'm extremely satisfied with their results and professionalism and would highly recommend!

Stephanie T.

SF&BAI has been a great company to work with. They helped uncovered the source of vandalism to an investment property, allowing us to find a way to stop it in the future. They were professional and prompt with communication. I would definitely recommend them to everyone!

Philip T.

SFBAI took care of my process services immediately and professionally. I highly recommend them to anyone that needs help.

Nathaniel L.

I did not hire this agency for myself, but rather for my client who had a peculiar landlord/tenant issue that was well outside of my wheelhouse. I referred my client to this agency but impressed on them that this was a referral and that if they made me look bad, all of us would be on the hook.
I can safely say that I will comfortably refer this agency to other clients they need these services.

Don T.

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