Family Law Investigations

Family law and child custody cases are some of the most delicate and high-stakes cases for us and for our clients, as the results and consequences affect them and their loved ones directly.  San Francisco & Bay Area Investigations understands this deeply, and we work discreetly, yet efficiently when conducting these investigations for our clients.

Whether documenting unsafe operation of a vehicle by a parent, child neglect and abuse, or interviewing neighbors, teachers, and witnesses, San Francisco & Bay Area Investigations is here to assist you.  We collect and provide photo and video evidence, as well as detailed reports, when requested.  We can liaise with your family law attorney in order to better set our case parameters and objectives, and can even testify to our observations in family court on your behalf.

When you need immediate assistance with your family court case, contact professionals with years of experience.  To schedule a free consultation, call San Francisco & Bay Area Investigations at (415) 307-1012 or email us at to speak to a licensed private investigator.